How Content Marketing Builds you Buissness!

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If you are interested in marketing your business online and growing in numbers, you always desired then content marketing is the best way possible. Keeping aside the growth of your business through content marketing, firstly you need to know, what is content marketing?


Content marketing significantly means creating and sharing informative free content to attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. The specific content you share is directly related to the product you sell, and in other words, you educate the people so that they know things about particular and trust you enough to do business with you.


But the question arises, what content marketing means to your business? And what makes it different from what you do to sell your product and services?


The importance of Content Marketing


One of the main reason on which content marketing works it that it focuses on telling stories and building narrative rather than just bombarding prospects with sales messages.


Consumers usually select the brands who’re narratives to reflect their views and overpower their ideal principles of life.


Acc. To an international survey content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising.

It even generates three times of the leads you made previously i.e.traditional marketing

68% claim it creates better results than advertising on TV.


The benefits of Content Marketing


The benefits of content are merely not all the obvious and apparent. But here are some benefits that a successful content marketing team experienced personally throughout their journey.

The content you write builds a digital hub that attracts leads and sales. It  grows credibility and trust as you publish the answers customer questions

The quality content you create establishes you and your brand and influences the authority.


It even educates your viewers and clients. Building loyalty among the viewers and clients turn your customer into your fan and advocates.

On the other hand, content marketing is a gift that keeps on giving.


A high-quality article can generate a return in one day, one week, one month or even one year after you’ve created it. This is because quality content enables you to create a relationship with your audience that goes beyond the most straightforward purpose of buying and selling.


Building your Content Marketing Foundation


The most common mistake that people makes when it comes to content marketing is that they directly jump into it without having any foundation. Here are the facts that you need to ensure for your business to be active.


Hire the Right Team


Content marketing feels a bit overwhelming especially if it’s a new topic and you have no idea where to start from. Hiring a decent squad will not only help you bit will encourage you to participate even more into client work.


But make sure that you choose your team carefully. You don’t necessarily have to hire ten full-time staff; you only need to hire the required people whose vision is clear and can work for achieving your desired goal.


The roles that you and your team needs to play to execute your content marketing strategy are:-


  1. Content marketing manager
  2. Content creator or copywriter
  3. Content curator
  4. Researcher
  5. Community manager
  6. Brand monitor
  7. Influencer and partnership manager.


Think about your Brand Voice


You need to have a clear vision about what you want to be seen as it could be as a friendly brand or a professional business. You need to have a brand voice and stick to it throughout the channels you promote.


Creating guidelines for you and your team to follow regarding usage of fonts, brand color, language, do’s and don’t and other things that influence your perception and as that of the market.


How to create a Content Marketing Strategy


You need to map out content that aligns with the buyer’s journey. Just because content marketing is a freshly prepared new concept, doesn’t mean that it does not maintain the core aspects of an effective marketing strategy. You need to brainstorm content ideas and create a content calendar.


Once you have established a relationship with your customer’s typical journey towards a purchase, you then need to come up with some content ideas that will satisfy each stage of that journey.


Some of the proven ways of coming up with new ideas are

  • Calculate the keyword research to analyze what people are searching for in search engines.
  • Analyze and identify the problems and subproblems your product solves.
  • You need to create case studies to evaluate things which went wrong
  • Research competitors and industry influencers and find out what their most successful content has been


When you are finished brainstorming content ideas,  you need an editorial calendar to save these ideas and plans and publish them when it is required.

Using this editorial calendar can make a lot of difference between a content marketing strategy and bring results for which your customer will fall.


What content to provide and where to distribute it?


If you want to bring solid and steady traffic to your business, then you need to concentrate on creating evergreen content. As the name suggests, evergreen content is timeless it means that it will never go out of trend and will always give you return. Writing visual content and designing it properly will help you produce unique articles. Another intelligent way to engage your customer is to let them generate the content themselves.


Now it comes to a question, where to distribute it? Then social media is the answer.

With more than 2.8 billion users worldwide, user media is one of the best and biggest content distribution channels. As it’s a significant platform for channelling your content you need to pick the platform that makes the most sense to your audience and business needs.


The Bottom Line


Content marketing is a concept that helps each person by various things; it provides the user, what he is looking for, it includes information for the curious ones and most importantly it allows growth to one’s business. Content marketing is something which can establish your business from zero to a place you always desired.


Now, if you think that we have forgotten to add any additional information then enlighten them in the comment section. Also, if you have any queries or suggestion then do let us know. We’ll be happy to assist you!

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